The online master of engineering in Cybersecurity Policy

The online master of engineering in Cybersecurity Policy

Online Master of Engineering

The online master of engineering in cybersecurity policy and compliance is an interdisciplinary program that draws courses from three territories of concentrate crosswise over Oceans: software engineering, electrical and PC engineering, and engineering administration and frameworks engineering. The motivation behind the M.Eng.(CPC) degree is to catch the most recent patterns and issues from the field of cybersecurity to give understudies the devices and aptitudes important to remain in the front line of this quick evolving discipline. The program is required to pull in imminent understudies with specialized degrees, and also those with nontechnical degrees who wish to think about the mind boggling issues of cybersecurity policy and compliance.

The online master of engineering in cybersecurity policy

The School of Engineering and Connected Science (Oceans) at the George Washington College has been uniting extraordinary personalities in industry and government since 1884. All through this time, it has advanced to enable professionals to address the innovative difficulties of the day.
The Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance (M.Eng.[CPC]) takes after this history, bringing a completely online cybersecurity master’s degree to those looking for basic positions at the administrative level driving an association’s digital practices. The multidisciplinary educational programs joins a special mix of engineering and software engineering courses, influencing it to appropriate for those with a specialized or engineering foundation and venture administration professionals with a powerful urge to ensure exclusive data in the period of digital fighting and worldwide corporate surveillance.
The online master’s in cybersecurity policy and compliance offers an engineering administration concentrated course of study, giving an outline of cryptography, security frameworks, calculations, and software standards, an ideal decision for those intrigued by investigating the mind boggling crossing points between policy, business, and innovation. Understudies of the program will get comfortable with industry-perceived systems and philosophies as they prepare to assume responsibility in the quick paced universe of data security.

Program Learning Targets

The targets of the master’s program in cybersecurity policy and compliance are to guarantee that graduates:
• Analyze digital episode legal sciences; conjecture cyberattacks utilizing prescient examination demonstrating; and devise particular, noteworthy arrangements that surpass conventional IT practices to underscore digital insight and alleviate hazard by overseeing danger vulnerabilities.
• Formulate cybersecurity approaches by creating cybersecurity situational mindfulness systems, recognizing laws, and applying procedures to shield touchy information while managing venture operations.
• Design an association’s versatility arrangement that incorporates cell phone administration with industry best practices.

Access the Focal point of Digital From Anyplace

George Washington College is a Focal point of Scholarly Brilliance in Digital Guard Exploration, assigned by the National Security Office and the Division of Country Security, and a Focal point of Scholastic Perfection in Data Affirmation, assigned by the National Data Confirmation Preparing and Training Center.
Situated in the country’s capital, GW endeavors to advance a different instructive climate and create novel ground breaking programs, selecting top workforce and tapping the mastery of industry and government contacts. Oceans’ M.Eng.(CPC) program is lined up with the College’s central goal—to plan professionals to pick up a more profound comprehension of the train, to lead with reason, to stay imaginative in their approach, and to keep on applying basic reasoning in new courses as vocation arranged, lifetime students.


The online Master of Engineering in cybersecurity policy and compliance at GW is intended for understudies who are working professionals—mixing live class sessions with coursework that can be finished around different commitments. Understudies who are utilized full-time will have the capacity to apply the abilities they learn at work as they finish their online cybersecurity courses.
The program requires at least 30 credit hours of graduate-level coursework. The program comprises of four software engineering courses and six others, concentrating on policy, administration, compliance and hazard administration—a mix that is intended to build up a balanced range of abilities in graduates. Notwithstanding for those working all day, all cybersecurity courses can be finished in around 2.5 years.

Upon graduation, M.Eng(CPC) understudies will have the capacity to:

• Implement fitting measurable investigation of digital episodes, and utilize prescient examination demonstrating to figure cyberattacks, to devise arrangements that go past customary IT specialists’ practices to depict particular and noteworthy digital insight.
• Formulate short-and long haul cybersecurity procedures and arrangements for their endeavors by distinguishing compliance laws and applying the business’ accepted procedures.
• Design an association’s portability arrangement that coordinates cell phone administration and the business’ accepted procedures.
• Develop and actualize a far reaching cybersecurity situational mindfulness technique for an association to shield delicate information and maintain crucial operations.
• Implement techniques for alleviating hazard by overseeing risk vulnerabilities and adventures.

M.Eng(CPC) Required Courses

• CSCI 6012 Cybersecurity and Protection
• CSCI 6532 Data Policy
• EMSE 6540 Administration of Data and Frameworks Security
• CSCI 6013 Security in Portable Figuring
• CSCI 6534 Data Security in Government
• ECE 6132 Secure Distributed computing
• EMSE 6542 Cybersecurity Hazard Administration and Compliance
• EMSE 6543 Dealing with the Security of Data Resources and Frameworks
• EMSE 6544 Evaluating, Observing, and Interruption Location for Data Security Chiefs

• EMSE 6546 Cybercrime for Data Security Supervisors

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