School Nurse – Job Description And Requirements

School Nurse – Job Description And Requirements

How to Become a School Nurse

The role of the school nurse has broadened in perspective over the last 20 years. Nowadays, a school nurse will be responsible for the well-being, academic sustainability and the general health of the students during their school day.

School Nurse Job Description

  • Rendering precautionary and preventive care procedures at the facility
  • Early detection for students’ health problems. And identifying any possible health threats.
  • Improve and maintain a healthy and safe environment within the school facility.
  • Providing periodical classes on some health-related issues if required.
  • perform necessary emergency care procedures in case of any student is sick or had an accident.

School Nurse Certification Requirements

The school nurse profession everywhere around the U.S often proceed for Certification from the NBCSN. To obtain the NCSN credential, appellants must undergo and pass a computer testing

School Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • Emerging strategies and ideas for student healthcare based on a periodic appraisal, intercessions, connecting the results, and the application of the suitable procedures
  • Working as counselors alongside other school workers, such as school kitchen personnel, PE coaches, and counselors
  • Rendering health-related guidance to students as well as staff members.
  • Monitoring immunizations, handling transmittable ailments and evaluating the school setting to stop the infection and ensure protection
  • Supervising contamination and control procedures
  • Actively joining the school safety programs that discuss school violence, bullying, and accidents that may happen at school
    • Superintending medicine officials, health care procedures, and the development of healthcare plans
    • Monitoring students’ eyesight, hearing, BMI, and other necessary mental health procedures
  • Making resolutions related to the mission of healthcare responsibilities as directed by country regulations as well as the professional  hands-on practice
  • Giving health guidance to school teams, such as the Committee on Special Education and the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) team
  • Helping families with outside care and getting health insurance

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