Online Nursing Refresher Course Programs FAQs

Online Nursing Refresher Course Programs FAQs

An Online Nursing Refresher Course Programs are specially transcripted for nurses who haven’t been in the workforce for many years and like to recap on the basic information to apply for a nursing job in some healthcare facility. The Online Nursing Refresher Course work involves two segments:
  • Review of Basic Concepts and Recent Changes in The Modern Health Care System
  • Review of Common diseases and diagnosis.

What Are The Main Objectives Of Any Online Nursing Refresher Course

  • Illustrating recent quality measures in health care facilities
  • Identifying the National Patient Safety Top 3 Goals
  • Applying to the IOM’s rules on current nursing practice
  • Examining the pros/cons of Magnet duties delegation in a healthcare setting
  • Highlighting the guidelines and essential tools used in nursing practice

Will my state accept an Online Refresher Course for re-issuing my nursing license?

An Online Nursing Refresher Course that is certified by ANCC (the American Nurses Credentialing Center) will be accepted in most states. However, it’s often advised to double check with your state licensing board before enrolling in any online refresher program.

Do such programs include hands-on clinical practice?

Most Online Nursing Refresher Course programs are only available online. Yet, if you need to fulfill clinical hours, you may arrange with a local clinical facility to complete the required hours.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the Online Nursing Refresher Course ?

All online courses will most definitely email your certificate upon program completion and after passing the necessary tests.

Do these programs grant nursing education credits?

Yes, as long as it’s an accredited Online Nursing Refresher Course program, it’ll you will grant you roughly 32.5 CNE credit or CEUs (continuing nursing education credit points)

What exactly do I need for passing the program?

All Online Nursing Refresher Course will have a test at the end of the program. In order to earn your credit and certification, you’ll be required to obtain at least 80% of the score.

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