LPN Programs – Top 10 Accredited Licensed Practical Nursing Schools

LPN Programs – Top 10 Accredited Licensed Practical Nursing Schools

The specialists involved in the healthcare related-jobs help sick and sufferers to recover quickly.  Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN Programs are the best choice for those who are not willing to get a college degree at the moment, yet wish to get a job in the nursing field. LPN are generally 2-3-year coursework. In order to become a licensed practicing nurse, you need first to complete one of the LPN programs available at one of the many colleges or institutes that gives accredited degree, diploma or certificate.
However, there can be students who can’t go to a regular college as they might have some family issues or might be working part-time to earn their livelihood.

Why should I enroll in ADN or LPN Programs ?

The job market for nursing professions has been vastly growing over the past decade and expected to grow even more over the next 10 years. Consider obtaining an LPN if you wish to get a career in the nursing field. Upon completing Accredited LPN Programs, you can enroll in further LPN-to-RN courses, to earn additional credits to move toward your registered nurse (RN) degree.

LPN Programs coursework typically includes the following material:

  • Fundamental Nursing Skills
  • Anatomy
  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • ER Care
  • More Specialized Nursing Skills Such as; Pediatric Nursing, Obstetric Nursing, and Medical-Surgical Nursing

Top 10 Online Schools for LPN Programs

Online LPN Programs is a more of a flexible option to the busy learners, especially adults with full-time job and other life and family responsibilities. Scholars enrolled in online LPN Programs need to practice some hours in actual clinical shifts to obtain hands-on knowledge. These are some of the famous accredited colleges offering online LPN degrees:
1- Arkansas State University-Main Campus
2- Hannibal-LaGrange University
3- The University of Arkansas at Monticello
4- University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
5- Arkansas Tech University
6- Utah State University
7- Pensacola State College
8- SUNY College of Technology at Canton
9- Indian River State College
10- Pennsylvania College of Technology

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